Penryn, Falmouth and District Euchre League

Rules of the league


  1. The league shall be known as the Penryn, Falmouth & District Euchre League.
  2. The Committee shall consist of league officials.
  3. Each team shall consist of at least 7 players.
  4. Matches to start at 8:15pm on Wednesday evenings.
  5. Voting at monthly meetings - all members have a vote. Voting at the AGM - only one representative per team gets a vote.
  6. Each team shall pay a £1.00 deposit at registration; for a new team registering a fee of £5.00.
  7. Any player may transfer once a season for a fee of £2.00 payable to the league.
  8. A new player may sign on the night and play with their name and signature on the back of the card and a £1.00 fee payable to the league.
  9. A registered played must be at least 14 years old
  10. Result cards to be at the Prince of Wales pub by 12 noon on Saturday, or the winning team will lose 1 point.
  11. Any team failing to fulfil a match, the other team will be awarded 5 points for the league and 2 points for the Ben Toy. Offending team no points.
  12. Any team short of a player may borrow one from a team, This can be any registered player from any team in the league. Each player can only be borrowed 2 times, any more than that the player will have to transfer teams.
  13. Any team turning up with less than 6 players the amount turning up will do in to the draw, with a minimum of 4.
  14. Captains will draw the league and Ben Toy/Bill Bennent names before the start of the match
  15. Cup matches - names of teams and players with money at the time of entry
  16. Cup games - a substitute can be entered to replace a sick player if they have not played in that cup previously
  17. Any team moving en-bloc, minimum of 5 players will keep their status
  18. Any changes to the rules can be done at monthly meetings with the discretion of the committee other than that in the form of a written notice 28 days before the AGM

Playing Rules


  1. All games played as Penryn & Falmouth, no cut throat.
  2. Best of three legs:
  3. All Games to 21 Points, except for the Team cups(Robbie’s, Schweppes, Presidents).
  4. Cards to be dealt 3+2 or 2+3 and cut before the deal
  5. First deal comes on ‘first jack’ turned up
  6. Any misdeals or rebukes the dealer will deal again.
  7. If a player on first call goes alone, partner cannot call.
  8. Method of pass call shall be ‘pass’ only
  9. Joker maybe turned if wished
  10. All cards to remain on the table until hand completed
  11. All cards being played are to go down face up and not face down or stacked.
  12. When a played intends going alone there must be no hesitation between shouts of I.e.: Spade alone or up and down etc
  13. The away team will remain sitting. The home team will move and play a different pair each leg
  14. Late Player. If a player is late, the game shall start at 8:15, the later players team forfeiting that table for one leg, if the player still hast arrived by the time the 2nd leg is ready to start that table is also forfeit. And so on to the 3rd leg
The choice of venue for the pairs cups finals is dependent of teams entering the pairs cups. 
The league historically does not let a teams the do not enter all the pairs cups hold a final at their home venue
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