Penryn, Falmouth and District Euchre League

Minutes of 2016 Falmouth & Penryn Euchre League A.G.M.



Meeting opened 7.00 pm.



League teams represented were: -

Woodlane SC

Penryn RFC A

Penryn RFC B

Boslowick A

Boslowick B

New Inn A

Prince of Wales B

Falmouth Town FC

St Gluvias A

St Gluvias B

Bobby’s Bar A


League Teams missing were:-

New Inn B

Prince of Wales A

Bobby’s (B)

Penryn RFC C


The Secretary handed out copies of  last year’s AGM minutes and asked all assembled if they agreed that the provided copy of last year’s AGM minutes were a true and accurate account. All agreed that they were and, they were duly proposed by S. Rose, and seconded by Paul Parry.


The Chairman Chris Jeffery said that the league had gone well, and there seemed to be little or no problems reported throughout the year.


The Treasurer’s reports were handed around, and then she gave her report of the years accounts. The Figures added up, but with the change of Treasurer these need to be audited


The Election or officers then proceeded, with some standing down.

Chair Person: Chris Jeffery was re-elected unopposed

Vice Chair Person: D. Westwood was re-elected unopposed

Secretary: M. Page was Elected proposed buy P. Parry and seconded by D. Westwood

Results Secretary: P. Parry was re-elected unopposed

Treasurer: M. Davey was elected. Proposed my C. Jeffery and seconded by D. Westwood

President: L. Hackett was elected. Proposed M. Page, Seconded by J. Harness


Any other business:


  1. It was proposed that the book format be dropped in favour of an A4 Sheet, This was accepted by a vote.
  2. Payment for pairs cups in advance with names by the due date. This was accepted by a vote
  3. The presentation night and AGM are to be combined and moved to a Wednesday evening the week after the league cups are played. This was accepted by a vote
  4. It was also proposed that the Presidents cup would consist of the top 3 teams from each league not 4 as at present. This was accepted by a vote
  5. Both A and B leagues are to play 21 points and the Ben Toy and Bill Bennett’s will be 21 points as well, Team cups to 15 points and pairs cups to 21 points.
  6. Change to rule 12, in that a team being short of a player can borrow any registered player, but that player can only be borrowed 2 times by a given team, any more than that the player will changed teams and play the normal fee.
  7. Change of start date, has been bough forward to the 7th September
  8. There will be no monthly meetings, it is up to the captains to make sure all fees are paid to the treasurer before the end of the league.
  9. It was also decided that we would record the scores and add up the actual points scored by both teams this would be totalled up alongside he conventional win loss points. Because of the bye matches will no longer get 5 & 2 due to the introduction of the points system
  10. Due to the 2 new teams entering the league this year it would be unfair to deduct the 5 points had not turned up for the AGM as in rule 19 for this year, this is at the discretion of the committee





The meeting was closed at 8.25pm

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