Penryn, Falmouth & District Euchre League 2014

Penryn, Falmouth and District Euchre League

Robbies Cup

Winners:-     Penryn Bowling Club B

Runner Up:-  Falmouth Town

Seabourne Cup


Runner Up:-

2010/11 Season

2009/10 Season

2011/12 Season

2012/13 Season

2013/14 Season

2014/15 Season

Past Results

2015/16 Season

2016/17 Season

For Individual weeks 1 to 6

League Results 19/20


Cups 2019/20

Captain’s Cup

Winners:-     C. Jeffery & R. Daniel (Kings Arms)

Runner Up:- B. Taylor & D. Harvey (POW A)

Enterprise Cup

Winners:-     Runner Up:-

Memorial Cup


Runner Up:-


Runner Up:-  

Schweppes Cup

Presidents Cup


Runner Up:-

2017/18 Season

For Individual weeks 7 to 12

For Individual weeks 13-18

2018/19 Season

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